Days of Future - towards a greener future for the agricultural industri

This page contains information about the 2022 trade fair.

Here, we will be gathering politics, knowledge and business for a discussion on the future of agriculture in Denmark.

Here, you will be able to meet some of the industry’s most exciting start-ups who will be presenting their solutions for issues and challenges of the future.

Days of Future - innovation area at Agromek

Program for the Days of Future Scene

The program consist of presentations in both Danish and English. The program is subject to change.

Four days - Four topics

The Days of Future area is divided into four different topics. Each topic, originating in the broad agricultural agreement from October 2021, will revolve around the most relevant issues and opportunities that Danish agriculture is facing right now in relation to the forthcoming green transition.

Future Food 

Tuesday 29 November

Future Food addresses what the value chain of the future will look like. The agricultural agreement focuses on ensuring more plant-based, organic and sustainable food, and on reducing emissions from livestock significantly.

Days of Future: Future Food

Future Digital Solutions

Wednesday 30 November

Future Digital Solutions highlights the future use of data and digital solutions in the development of Danish agriculture. The agricultural agreement focuses on creating the best possible conditions for digitizing Danish agriculture both in terms of buildings, machinery and fields.

Days of Future: Future Digital Solutions

Future Machinery

Thursday 1 December

Future Machinery is focusing on how future green machinery will be absolutely central in the development of a green, efficient and quality-conscious Danish agriculture. The agricultural agreement focuses on the fact that investments in new technologies are crucial to green development.

Days of Future: Future Machinery

Future Ownership

Friday 2 December

Future Ownership centres around future methods of ownership, management, financing and labor within Danish agriculture. The agricultural agreement focuses on extracting 100,000 ha. lowland soils. In addition, it is a big topic how we ensure more sustainable generational handovers in Danish agriculture.

Days of Future: Future Ownership

At the area you will also be able to meet: