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09 November 2022 | Vandvagt ApS

4200 square meters of stable - and the water consumption monitored by Vandvagt, as it is not easy to keep track of everything at all times.

With the water surveillance, comes savings on the water bill, as the consumption is adjusted to the individual place, at every moment of the day.
Water damages are avoided, as the water is stopped at the moment that the leak happens.

Physical attendance by the alarm system is not necessary, as it can be controlled with a smartphone.
Thereby, you can react immediately to unintended water consumption, no matter where you are.

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Vandvagt ApS

Vandvagt ApS produces protection against leakage. We install, service and support our Vandvagt products.
Vandvagt is an intelligent surveillance system that secures water and heat expenditure. Vandvagt closes the water supply automatically, alerts and gives access to the ability to open/close the water without physical presence.
With this surveillance, you can reduce the water bill and avoid unpredicted damages and the costs that could follow.
Vandvagt secures better animal wellfare, as the stables will get flooded.

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