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13 September 2022 | SØBY

Jens Jørgen Schmidt and Moderne Kornbehandling sell SØBY's products from the head office in Tørring. We have asked him why he prefers us as a business partner. He highlights which aspects of the cooperation work particularly well in his opinion.

Great knowledge of the farmer’s situation
The first thing that comes to my mind when mentioning SØBY is their exceptional way of running the company. Even the managers are involved in the production. They are out there - and with their fingers literally in the stuff.

It is very unusual for owner-managers to do that. This, however, means that they do understand what I'm talking about - and what challenges I'm facing. Also, in relation to my customers. When they in this way understand the situation at the farmer themselves, they – and I – avoid making a lot of mistakes.

One supplier of delivery, after sales and service
As a dealer I choose SØBY's products due to the good correlation between price, quality, service, and delivery time.

I am almost addicted to SØBY and their products. It makes my working day simpler. If I for instance suddenly decided to switch to another supplier/manufacturer, I would not be able to do after sales and service on the machines. It would cause too much trouble and chaos if I had to shop around at others.

Furthermore, they have a large product range. Also, they are very serious – and always on their toes to help in case of an unexpected situation.

Contributes to my success in the eyes of the customers
In my cooperation with SØBY I am especially pleased with the personal contact they always provide. They are genuinely interested and engaged – and if I for instance mention concrete incidents or tasks for end customers, they usually remember them, even if it is a long time ago.

This means that I get quick answers to my questions - which are useful because they know and understand the specific situation. Their reliability helps me with for instance pricing. When I get the price right, my customers get what they expect - at the right price. And then I am a success in the eyes of the customers.

You can always get hold of SØBY
I can always get hold of them outside normal working hours - even during the harvest season, and even at night. And during the weekend. It is very advantageous that I can get support after 4pm - and it gives me great security. I don't think many others provide that kind of service.

You can rely on them
When recommending other suppliers to cooperate with SØBY, I would especially like to focus on their delivery reliability. They provide reasonable prices, good service, and they are honest about what they sell. They for instance do not sell directly to end customers.

And when SØBY is contacted, anyway, directly by the end customers, for instance a large-scale farmer – to purchase directly from them and thus save the profit, they say no and refer to the dealers. Even if they could earn more making the direct sale. This is indeed excellent towards their dealers.

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