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10 October 2022 | Maykers

At Bejstrup Maskinforretning, they are seeing an increasing demand for online trade among their customers. Therefore, the North Jutland machine shop is happy that they have recently offered their Kramp assortment via, as it both strengthens the digital part of the business and at the same time gives customers a better buying experience and flexibility.

In recent years, a myriad of digital tools have swept across agriculture, giving farmers new opportunities to streamline and optimise workflows. Online trading makes it similarly easy and efficient for farmers to buy their core production products in a time-saving way. This is also a trend they have seen at Bejstrup Maskinforretning, located in Fjerritslev in Northern Jutland.

"The farmer is becoming more and more digital in the way he conducts himself, and the same goes for the way he trades. Therefore, we know that we must follow the trend if we are to continue to be attractive to our customers, " says Bo Pedersen, warehouse and store manager at Bejstrup Maskinforretning.
This is precisely why the North Jutland company believes that it was an incredibly exciting opportunity that arose when Kramp Denmark offered to take them on the new digital journey on the online trading platform, which will strengthen the digital part of the machinery business in the future.

"A large proportion of our spare parts sales are made online, so it is also important that we are present on a platform that better meets the needs of farmers," explains Bo Pedersen.
The company Kramp Danmark, in cooperation with, has developed a digital solution for the company's partners. The aim of the new solution is to make it easier for companies like Bejstrup Maskinforretning to sell their goods online, without taking all the time away from their physical business.

"It is important for us to keep up with the times, together with our many partners. That's why it was time for us, in collaboration with, to create a user-friendly and up-to-date solution - for both dealers and customers." says Jesper Paulsen, Sales Manager for Kramp Denmark.

Together we grow the online business

The new solution is specifically tailored to local dealers to manage their own online webshop and customer relations. Their own branded webshop (URL TO SHOP IN SHOP) with easy tools to manage customer discounts and inquiries will be located on the established online trading platform, And precisely because it is part of an established and strong growing trading platform that 3.000 farmers already use, it is particularly attractive to Bejstrup Maskinforretning.

"Many farmers already know and use, and this means that we are opening up our shop to both existing and new customers who would normally never have come by. This is an easy way to grow our business" explains Bo Pedersen and continues.

"There are only four of us in charge of the warehouse and shop. And with the resources we have available, we would never manage to get as wide a distribution of our products as we do on"

It is precisely the idea of creating a large showcase and making it easier for their partners to be online that has prompted Kramp Denmark to move their partners over to

"At Kramp we are only successful if our partners are successful, and for them to be successful they need the right tools. And that, we believe, they get with With the new solution on the platform, we believe we have created an offering for the industry that helps bring dealers and farmers closer together - both online and in person. Here, the farmer can shop online through his local dealer, and at the same time chat directly with his dealer or pick up and return for free in the dealer's shop," says Jesper Paulsen.

An online solution adapted to the market

The new solution on has been refined over the last few months with a group of 10 dealers who initially used the solution before the other partners came on board.

"Being part of the group of companies that first came up with the new solution means that we, in close dialogue with Kramp and Maykers, had the opportunity to adapt it exactly to our needs as dealers," explains Bo Pedersen.

With a team of 40 employees, Maykers will continue to develop the platform for local partners and farmers to make it easy to display and find products, communicate online and get the best payment conditions and delivery services.

"Our partners and their customers have welcomed the solution as we see the number of transactions grow every month. And that makes us enormously confident that the solution is ready and that it meets what the market has been demanding," says Jesper Paulsen from Kramp Denmark.

Jesper Knudsen from Maykers Denmark adds the following: “We are very proud to be the first digital platform to facilitate local Agri dealers with the service to display and sell all their brands. We thank Kramp for their bold move by supporting their local partners to open their online business to all customers and suppliers. A great e-fulfillment service from Kramp with customer management tools for pricing, communication, and delivery for local dealers is just the beginning but already a big innovation in the Agri Market”

There are currently over 150 local dealers who, like Bejstrup Maskinforretning, are Kramp Service Partners. The new online solution for dealers will be rolled out to farmers on a large scale over the next few months. But even though Bejstrup Maskinforretning has only had its goods on for a few months, they have no doubt that they will continue to have more of their supplies on the online shelves on

"It's good for us to have a good and stable 'base business' online - which is also not time-consuming and a workload for us. As a Kramp Service Partner, it saves us a lot of time not having to take care of all the tasks involved in running a webshop ourselves, which is precisely why it makes sense for us to work with Kramp," concludes Bo Pedersen.

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