Agromek Award towards 0-emission system


On Tuesday, Agrifarm was presented with an Agromek Award in the Barn Mechanisation category for the 0-emission system. This concept results in a significant reduction of methane, ammonia and odour.

The award committee stated, in their reason for their decision, that the company has accepted the challenge of innovation in the development of the concept. The system, which has primarily been developed for new barns, is expected to yield a major reduction in the climate impact of pork production.

A positive aspect is that the system has been created in collaboration between several companies that have contributed knowledge and technical solutions.

The concept is based on an Agrifarm Concept barn, designed with four sections and approximately 7,200 pen places. This includes a feeder system that delivers and collects slurry in specially designed prefabricated collection hoppers. Samson Pumps has developed a vacuum system that allows the slurry to be quickly and efficiently sucked out of the prefabricated collection hopper and delivered to the pre-tank.

The entire process is fully automated and integrated into Agrifarm's Smartfarm management. This offers the opportunity to document how often the livestock manure is removed from the barn.

Another advantage of using the feeder system and the Samson Pumps vacuum system is that larger quantities of straw can be handled.

Delivery directly to a biogas plant allows for increased methane potential in the slurry compared to normal eased slurry, resulting in a greater reduction of CO2.