Agromek Award for the conservation of grain


On Tuesday, Assentoft Silo received an Agromek Award in the Grain Handling category for their nitrogen generator for gas-proof storage silos.

The awards committee stated that with a nitrogen generator and oxygen monitoring equipment for gas-proof storage silos, there will be greater certainty for optimal preservation of crops, while phasing out the need to add CO2.

They also note that the system ensures that such supplementation takes place only when needed and without added expenses compared to how CO2 is normally added.

With a nitrogen generator and oxygen monitoring equipment, Assentoft Silo can ensure oxygen displacement in gas-proof silo systems. The oxygen monitoring system also ensures that nitrogen is added only as needed.

The nitrogen generator and oxygen monitoring systems can be fitted to both new gas-proof silos and older silos. New solutions have been considered with regard to investment in the system, as it can be leased for a fixed amount per year, including service fees.