Agromek Award for measuring nitrogen turnover in slurry


In the Field Implement category, BioCover A/S received an Agromek Award for its e-missioN Sensor System, a new technology that measures nitrogen efficiency in slurry delivery.

The awards committee's assessment of this innovation emphasises that the sensor system's data collection allows for adjustments to be made in the field, at individual track level, during delivery. This allows the acidity of the slurry to be adjusted to suit the relevant nitrogen turnover.

This offers many opportunities for optimisation at the operational level and for optimal fertiliser distribution.

The e-missioN Sensor System is a new technology that measures nitrogen efficiency in slurry delivery. Data is automatically collected at the slurry tanker, and the effect is calculated by running comparisons with a database of over 10,000 ammonia emission measurements. e-missioN shows the actual loss in percentages during application. This also highlights the effect of adding acid.

On the e-missioN main display on the terminal in the tractor, there are "traffic signals" at the top of the picture. These illustrate emissions in loss percentages and indicate to the driver when ammonia levels are no longer acceptable using green-yellow-red signals.

Since the slurry effect during delivery is known, data can subsequently be used for planning the optimal application of commercial fertiliser.