Agromek Award for management system


On Tuesday, Best Farm A/S received an Agromek Award in the Knowledge & Service category for their PIG-SIGNAL management system, a software programme for monitoring at farms.

The awards committee’s assessment is that this management system will be a great aid for monitoring at farrowing houses, and could potentially help reduce piglet mortality.

This allows the barn staff to receive constant updates on the well-being of the sow, both before and after birth, even if the staff are somewhere else in the barn.

The PIG-SIGNAL management system, which includes cameras, temperature sensors, water meters and an app, can use cameras to record when a birth starts and when the next piglet arrives, as well as count the number of newborn piglets. It also records when the birth ended, when the sow drank, and how many litres she drank. All this information is collected in an app that is set up to provide information to the barn staff about what assistance may be needed.

Several days later, the sow's movement pattern can be monitored. If she has only gotten up a few times over the past 24 hours, then this may be a sign that she is ill, which automatically inserts an information icon in the system. This alerts the staff to the need to see the sow.