Agromek Award for frequent release in barns


On Tuesday, J. H. Agro A/S was presented with an Agromek Award in the Barn Mechanisation category, for JH HyppigUdslusning, an automatic control system for managing manure in pig pens.

The award committee stated that the system can be implemented in new and existing pens, and with a reasonable investment from the individual farmer, it can have a major effect on reducing the climate impact of pork production.

At the same time, it has a strong impact on the working environment for employees, who can avoid repeatedly lifting slurry plugs.

JH HyppigUdslingning is built on a modular PLC solution, allowing the plant to quickly and easily be adapted for simple agricultural pens. One system can control up to 20 valves, four feeder systems, a pre-tank, a collection tank and four storage tanks.

The system is operated via a PC, from which it can be decided which days the slurry is to be released and when it is to be pumped. At the same time, there is data logging that can document that the frequent release actually takes place.

By collaborating with a biogas plant, the plant can be accessed from outside, allowing the operating staff at the biogas plant to see if there is raw manure ready for collection in the front tank and if there is room in the storage tank.