Agromek Award for electrically variable transmission


In the categories Contractor, Road and Park, as well as Tractors and Harvesters, Herborg Maskinforretning A/S was presented with an Agromek Award on Tuesday for the electrically variable transmission in the John Deere 8R 410 E-IVT, which is now being presented for the first time at Agromek.

In their description, the awards committee stated that there is less power loss in the transmission and more precise speed control, and that lower operating costs are expected, which is supported by exhibitors who indicate lower costs for service agreements.

They add that less noise is produced by the electrically powered transmission, and that the tractor is optionally available with a 100-kW generator and an electrical outlet, for purposes such as operating attached wheel drive devices.

Continuously variable transmissions are usually equipped with Hydro modules for regulating transmission speed, and this device often leads to reduced efficiency compared to mechanical transmission units. This is furthermore the most exposed part in continuously variable transmission units.

With the new eAutoPowr gearbox in the John Deere 8R 410 with E-IVT, the hydraulic pump and motor from the AutoPowr transmission have been replaced by two electric motor generators. One generator is directly connected to the diesel engine and drives the second engine generator, which maintains precise control of the tractor speed. One electric and four mechanical gears ensure optimally efficient power transfer to the wheels.