Agromek Award for automatic opening of big bags


In the category of field implements, Agro-Bag AS was presented with an Agromek Award for its automatic opening of big bags.

The award committee has determined that Agro-Bag has improved safety when opening and emptying big bags, as the driver can remain in the tractor and does not have to stand near the bag to open it.

This enables the driver to avoid standing in an environment with fertilizer dust and having to climb up steps or machinery that could pose a risk of falling.

The Agro-Bag consists of a platform that can be mounted to any spreader or trailer with tubes and adjustable brackets. From the cab, the tractor driver can follow along as several bags are emptied quickly and efficiently.

In practice, the Agro-Bag works by placing the bag on top of the platform, which consists of four springs. These springs are released by the weight of the bag, after which the top frame moves downwards and the blades become visible as they move up to the bottom of the bag. The blades are designed to cut both up and down the bag to ensure proper emptying.

Agro-Bag is designed and built to operate with a minimum of 600 kg bags containing aggressive fertilizer, and has a rugged design for use on large machines.